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Anciens membres GERME

  • Geraldine ANDRE
    Chercheure postdoctorante - postdoc researcher
    Baromètre de la Diversité - Enseignement
    Funding: UNIA, duration 18 months, Supervision ULB: Dirk Jacobs
  • Ilke ADAM
    Collaboratrice Scientifique
    Post-doctoral researcher at the Institute For European Studies of the Vrije Universiteit Brussel (main affiliation) and a part-time lecturer at the Université Libre de Bruxelles.
  • Alejandra ALARCON
    Chercheure postdoctorante - postdoc researcher
    Equal opportunities for migrant youth in Educational systems with high levels of social and ethnic segregation - Assessing the impact of school team resources - EQUOP
    Funding: ERC, Principal Investigator: Dirk Jacobs; Duration: 1/01/12-31/12/16
  • Fabiana ESPINDOLA
    Chercheure postdoctorante - postdoc researcher
    Funding: Innoviris
    Mobilité sociale et ségrégation socio-spatiale à Bruxelles. Une analyse qualitative longitudinale des transitions entre enseignement secondaire et post-secondaire.
    Duration: March 2015 - end of April 2016; Supervisor: Prof. Andrea REA - Dr. ESPINDOLA is replacing Dr. Perrine DEVLEESHOUWER (affiliated postdoc researcher)
  • Julia HERTAULT
  • Federica INFANTINO
    Collaboratrice scientifique.
    Maître de conférence et chargée de Recherche FNRS, GERME, Project: Practicing Immigration Detention and Deportation in the EU.
    Junior Research Fellow, Wolfson College, University of Oxford.
  • Alexandre LEROUX
  • Emma LOCHERY
    Chercheure postdoctorante - postdoc researcher
    Funding: Wiener Anspach Foundation (UK)
  • Simon MASSEI
  • Alessandro MAZZOLA
    Collaborateur scientifique
    Post-doctorant researcher working primarily at the Centre for Ethnic and Migration studies (CEDEM) at the University of Liège. He obtained his Ph.D. in Political and Social Sciences at the University of Liège with a NON-FRIA scholarship. He obtained his B.A. in Intercultural Communication Science and M.A. in Show business and Media Sciences at the University of Naples Suor Orsola Benincasa.
  • Laura ODASSO
    Chercheure postdoctorante - postdoc researcher
    Funding: EU - Marie Curie Fellowship "AMORE: Awareness and Migration: Organizations for binational family Rights Empowerment"
    Supervisor: Prof. Andrea REA ; Duration: July 2014 -  end of June 2016 - Dr. ODASSO is also involved in the project" State encounters over the world: a transatlantic comparison of professional norms and practices of the polices and bureaucratic agencies related to migration policies", Funding: FNRS (Scientific cooperation between MINyT-Argentina & FWB-Belgium), Coordinator: Pierre PETIT (ULB), Researchers: Laura ODASSO, Maité MASKENS, Barbara TRUFFIN, Partners: Universidad Nacional de Quilmes (Argentina), Duration: 1/03/2015-1/03/2017
    Postdoc researcher
  • Martin ROSENFELD
    Chercheure postdoctorante - postdoc fellow (Wiener-Anspach) at Oxford University
    Border Crossing, Trade and Trust: Tracking clothing supply chains to Nairobi and Cotonou
  • Muriel SACCO
    Chercheure postdoctorante - postdoc researcher
    Patterns of Drug Use among (ethnic and cultural) Minorities - PADUMI
    Duration: 1/02/2015-31/03/2016, Funding: BELSPO, Supervision ULB: Dirk Jacobs (Project coordinator Tom Decorte, Ghent University)
  • Julia VAN DESSEL
    Chercheure postdoctorante
    Amandine Van Neste-Gottignies holds a PhD in Information and Communication Sciences and obtained a Bachelor's Degree in Sciences of Information and Communication (ULB)
  • Laetitia ZWICKERT
    Chercheure visiteur - visiting fellow
    The Fulbright-Schuman Program
    ET2020, Globally Competitive Schools, and Minority Success: Experiences from France, Luxembourg, and Belgium"